jueves, octubre 02, 2008

Datos sobre el crecimiento de India en importación de alimentos

Aqui algunos datos del crecimiento de India como jugador demandante de alimentos en el mercado mundial. Here you have some quick and dirty facts about India and the impact that this country is having in modern agrifood system

Food market of India isUSD $230 billions
Annual growth of 15% in imports of food and beverages
600 new Mallswith food shops opened in 2007
GDP growth of 8% in 2007
Chocolate imports grew 17% in 2007 reaching US$ 60 M

Vegetal imports 1012 US M

Fresh and dry fruits US$ 826 M
Oil for consumption US$ 2268 M
Beverages US$ 112 M

Dairy products grew 200%

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