domingo, agosto 05, 2007

Complican tambien heladas en Polonia a la UE

Seguimos corroborando desde LATINBERRIES que las heladas en el 2007 han causado severas dificultades en las producciones de frutas de todos los continentes.

Esta nota describe la situación en Polonia, país proveedor de fruta fresca a la UE. Polonia es el mayor proveedor de frutillas y un gran proveedor de berries muchas de ellas utilizadas para congelado o IQF que compiten de alguna manera y por un corto tiempo con los berries del Hemisferio Sur. Aquí la nota

ADVERSE weather and labour shortages will combine to make 2007 one of the most difficult years in living memory for Europe’s fruit processing industry, trade associations warned this week.

The outlook for this year is particularly dire because all major fruits are affected. Poland, the largest supplier of processed strawberries in the EU, is expecting this year’s strawberry output to be 30-40% down on 2006 and 65% down on 2005. With limited stocks, particularly of good quality produce, Polish frozen strawberry prices have risen by 40-75% from last year (see right) .Europe’s raspberry output has also been hit. Polish output is estimated to be 20% below last year’s, while frost damage in Hungary and tight supplies from Serbia have contributed to squeezing the volume of raspberries available to processors.

Poland is the most common factor in this year’s litany of European fruit shortages. Estimates suggest the country’s production of plums could reach just two-thirds of 2006’s crop, sour cherry output could be slashed by 20-50% (Hungary’s harvest has also been badly hit), while apples could plunge 50% from last year, pushing up prices by 40-75%.

Blueberries are likely to be much in demand, given that the new season will open with empty inventories and most suppliers of semiprocessed apricots report price increases of around 40%, states the OEITFL.

Firm prices are also reported for frozen raspberries . Sources say that badly maintained raspberry fields and spring frosts have taken their toll on Poland’s raspberry crop this year. As in blackcurrants, processors of concentrate and frozen produce are squabbling over supplies.

“Currently the market belongs to people making raspberry concentrate and they create really firm prices - they reached PLN5.0/kg delivered factories, ” said a Polish source. “Most coldstores have not bought at this level because prices are too high - they haven’t accepted prices we’ve offered yet which are €1.65-1.70/kg ex Poland for crumble and whole and broken, based on current raw material prices. There are some single deals being made but not major purchases.”


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