viernes, febrero 09, 2007

Pérdidas por 1000 millones de US$ por heladas en California. Incluyen berries

Los productores norteamericanos siguen enfrentando un duro invierno cuando aún restan casi 2 meses para que finalice el mismo. Aunque la industria del citrus es la mas golpeada sobretodo en California, paltas, frutillas y arándanos también fueron dañados significativamente según distintas fuentes.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger estimated losses at one billion dollars. He declared an emergency in ten counties to provide state assistance to those affected. The freeze could mean months without work for thousands of farm laborers, packing house workers and truck drivers. It will also mean higher food prices across the country.

Much of the damage happened in the San Joaquin Valley, but it was spread around the state. Citrus growers in California store their fruit on the tree. Less than a third of this year's crop had been harvested when the freeze hit. The strawberries were nearly ready for harvest, and only about five percent of the avocados had been picked. Some avocado growers said this was their worst winter in sixteen years. Spinach, lettuce and other greens were also affected.

Fuente VOA News
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