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Nuevo Snackerries para vender arándanos frescos en kioscos y supermercados

La empresa inglesa Berryworld presentó un nuevo packaging de 80 gramos para vender arándanos frescos como Snacks en kioscos y supermercados fue presentado en la World fruit Show del 22 de Octubre pasado. El envase es similar al de un paquete de caramelos. Se llaman Snackerries y prometen revolucionar el consumo del fresco.

Aquí la nota

New blueberry snack packs from Berry World showcased a new own-branded fresh fruit product at the World Fruit & Veg Show on the 21st & 22nd October called Snackerries which will be sold through major supermarkets and high street outlets. Established in 1994 as a division of Poupart Ltd, Berryworld is one of the UK’s foremost soft fruit marketing companies, supplying berry fruits to the leading UK multiples. Packaged in a convenient bag, Snackerries blueberries have been carefully washed and dried to keep them in perfect condition. Each bag holds 80g, which is equal to one adult portion of the recommended ‘5 a day’ of fruit and veg, and contains hardly any fat, no salt or added sugar and lots of essential vitamins. Paul Cole, Sales Director at BerryWorld, says: “We constantly monitor the berry market for opportunities and it seemed to us that there was a considerable gap in the healthy snacking sector. This led us to examine our offering, and ultimately we developed Snackerries. We’re very excited about the new product, not only as it’s our first foray into own brands, but also as we believe Snackerries to be the first ever washed and ready-to-eat bag of blueberries available to consumers. Plus, of course, with blueberries being a ‘superfood’, we are also offering people a fantastic route to more healthy eating.

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