lunes, diciembre 04, 2006

El USDA estima en 24.000 tons. la producción argentina de arándanos para el 2011

Abajo transcribimos parte del nuevo informe de la oficina del Foreign Agricultural Service del USDA con estimaciones interesantes. Abajo también el link para acceder al trabajo completo. Nos interesa leer sus opiniones al respecto clickeando en comments.

Argentine blueberry production has taken advantage of its counter-seasonal harvest and an abundance of demand during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter to grow into a US$25 million export industry. In 2005, Argentina harvested 3,000 tons of blueberries, at a growth rate of 75 percent, and exported 2,700 tons. Production in the short-term is forecast to continue growing through at least 2011, when all 3,400 hectares planted today should be bearing their maximum potential.

International prices should decline steadily during this period, reaching equilibrium between Northern Hemisphere demand and world supply between 2008 and 2010. Factors that may contribute to further growth would be development of the domestic market and procurement of more controlled atmosphere containers, which would allow for cheaper maritime shipment during times of lower prices.

Argentine blueberry production has grown remarkably in the last five years, from 320 tons in 2001 to 1,700 and 3,000 tons respectively in 2004 and 2005. This growth in production has been fueled by a strong demand which has led to a boom in hectares planted, from 400 in 2001 to 2,500 in 2005. According to industry sources, for the 2006 season Argentina has 3400 planted hectares, 40 percent of which will bear fruit.

In 2005, Argentina exported over US$25 million in blueberries and is predicted to export US$40 million in 2006. While blueberries are recent to Argentine agriculture, in Argentina today, blueberry production isvery sophisticated, using domestically propagated plants, drip-irrigation, anti-hail and antiwind measures, and modern packing facilities. Growers are staying abreast of changes in technology via attendance of international seminars and through the sharing of information.

Publication date: November 28 2006

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